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“I can be really mean if I want to”

Sometimes when the phone rings for me, I don’t answer. I don’t want to.

Sometimes when I receive phone messages for others, I don’t record them or relay them

because I’m not an answering machine.


Sometimes I laugh when I see some poor sucker getting a speeding ticket,

while driving by 80 miles per hour.

Sometimes I’ll block another car from merging into my lane by speeding up or slowing down,

just to see them frustrated.


Sometimes at restaurants, I leave the poor waitress a small tip, despite good service.

I also like to unscrew the lids of salt and pepper shakers, to ruin someone’s meal.


Sometimes I’ll avoid people who want to see me, because I don’t want to see them,

and I give people the wrong directions, because it tickles me.


Sometimes when I’m in the elevator, and I see someone running,

I press “close doors.”

If I hear someone running,

I press “close doors.”


Sometimes I’ll slap, hit, kick, push, or bite.

Sometimes I’ll screech really loud just to be annoying. Because I can.


Sometimes when I see car crashes, police lights, and ambulances, I think, “This is gonna be good”

and pray for bodies, blood, and wreckage,

because I’d like some nice scenery to drive by.


Sometimes I say the wrong thing on purpose

Sometimes I say the right thing on purpose

Sometimes I’ll admit, ‘it wasn’t the best I’ve ever had. I could have done better myself.’

Because it was the truth, and he needed to know.

Sometimes I won’t sugarcoat people’s weight, age, or appearance,

because honesty is the best policy;

it’s just brutal.

And sometimes,

 I’ll lie for the hell of it.


Sometimes I’ll see others cry and be happy.

Sometimes I make others cry and be happy,

And then try to taste their tears.

Sometimes I like to exploit other people’s vulnerabilities for my own benefit,

especially if it hurts them.


I can be really mean if I want to. But other times I won’t.

Other times I won’t

Do mean things

Say mean things

Think mean things

Feel mean things


Other times I won’t be mean.

Other times I just won’t be me.

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