iD. (invincible_d) wrote in badpoetryinc,

Cortico the Frivolous

Hello... Hello my name is Cortico.
I talk fast, smile large, walk slow, and take charge.
People love me...
I guess it's in my nature.
Naturally funny, or whatever, I just talk and people cater.
And I don't know...
Sometimes I really don't know why,
But it just goes to show, with a life that seems to roll,
what you're able to get when you just don't even try.

I've got friends...
With people lining up.
They all want to be around, but I swear I'm overstocked.
I party hard...
I party long, Man, I guess I just like to party,
but at the end of the day sometimes it's just retarded.
I'll lay at night...
staring directly at the ceiling.
Wondering where my life is, where it's gone, and if there's a meaning,
to this crap existence...
It's pushing on my patience.
I find it almost frivolous. Not sure where my days went.
It doesn't matter...
I just feel so incredulous.
With a life like this, how could I expect anything less.
My friends don't care...
So I'll just go and make some more.
They just keep coming and keep going, leaves me feeling like a whore.
But that's just life...
Of a guy with nothing left to offer.
Behind all the drinks and all the laughs, there's just an empty coffer,
I'm fucking lonely...
and no one really understands,
but I guess I'll just keep running until someone takes my hand,

and says...

Take time to look around you.
You were lost and now I've found you.
Quit running and take a moment,
Go back to the ones that love you.
You're living frivolously...
You're tripping and you're falling.
Open your ears, and you'll hear.
Your real friends have been calling.
You're completely wasted...
Not drunk, I'm talking about your life.
It sucks, and you really wonder why?
Shape up.

I'm walking lonely pavement...
Guys are talking, but I'm not listening.
An urban sidewalk...
There's no telling what I'm missing,
because I'm wasting...
All my precious little time...
entertaining fucking losers when it should be me that's on my mind.
I think I'm fucked...
If I don't get my act together.
then I'll be stuck...
So I should pull myself together, and shape up.
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Nice. A couple parts that don't flow as well as the rest, but overall good. Nice style.
Thanks for the feedback Tessa. I agree about the flow. I went back and edited a little bit, but rapping has never been my "claim to fame"... Ok, well, I don't really have anything that I consider a "claim to fame"... Suppose I should get working on that. :)